After realizing that Group A hadn’t touched almost any material outside of Call of Cthulhu in over 5 years, we decided to take a break from The Neverending Saga and brave the wilds of the unknown in our neverending quest for High Quality Content. We tossed around a lot of ideas- and eventually settled on a crunchy, interactive, sandbox-style cyberpunk campaign. To that end, I have repurposed the setting originally intended for PBP via Storium to make it run under the revised rules of nWoD: The God Machine Chronicle.

Apologies for the bad mic on this one- we think we’ve got it sorted out. I’ll make sure to have the guys do a reread of the setting and their character intros during this week’s recap.

You can waste time finding and reading the full setting description hidden somewhere on the site (first person to comment wins a shoutout, even if they are spam), or you can listen to the players read it for you LIVE after the introduction (set to music, no less)!

In this thrilling installment, our gritty antiheroes converge on the Pink Pony Strip Club, a staple of the downtown Variant nightlife. There will be blood on the dance floor.

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